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What Sets Us Apart

The two founders shared dreams of starting a creative agency that focused on producing effective and high quality creative solutions to help grow businesses and have them stand out from the crowd. Talented, passionate and thriving for success, they united their past work experiences throughout the industry to provide businesses with the best marketing and design services. Building a team of young and ambitious creative individuals, ARA Digital Marketing was born.

At ARA, we believe that good design combines our creative strength with the strategy and in-depth knowledge of our clients.

Successful design consists of half art and half science.

All our projects go through our creative strategic process that provides the most effective design solutions for your business. A successful design begins with strategy and research. ARA’s strategic process helps build your company brand from the ground up.

We ensure you target the right audiences and create effective designs that meet your goals and objectives. Therefore, we are focused on helping your business grow by creating successful visual content, beautifully developed websites, and award-winning graphic designs that sets your company up for success.


  • Web Development
  • Graphic Design
  • Brand Development
  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Print Advertising
  • Content Management

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Everything we do begins with detailed research and discovery. We analyze market trends, evaluate the competitive landscape and immerse ourselves in the client’s business to make intelligent brand decisions.


At the foundation of every successful engagement is a comprehensive strategic plan. We collaborate with our clients to understand what success looks like for them, then formulate a streamlined plan of execution and set benchmarks and track the results.


Successful creative design is half art and half science. It is always rooted in strategy. We are here to humanize brands, create with intent and connect with audiences. By finding the true essence of a company, it allows us to visualize and communicate “why” your brand matters to your customers.


Now it’s time to turn set a bunch of little fires and see which ones burn brightest. Using a variety of media, content and marketing tactics, we focus on engaging people where they interact and live. Always looking for ways to increase brand awareness, build relationships and drive sales.


At the completion of each campaign, we spend time understanding the results. We look at the metrics, find key insights and implement adjustments to make informed marketing decisions on your future brand initiatives.


Happy clients means we’re doing something right. We take pride in our client’s success, it’s what keeps us coming back for more.