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WB Exotic Gardens
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ARA Digital Marketing Portfolio Landscape business card and poster design mockup
ARA Digital Marketing Portfolio Landscape business card design mockup
ARA Digital Marketing Portfolio Landscape envelope mockup

WB Exotic Gardens

About the company: WB Exotic Gardens is South Florida’s premier landscape design company, excelling in specialty gardens, outdoor ponds, luxury landscape design and more. They have been in business for over 30 years. Combining creativity and passion with expertise and knowledge, these landscape architects transform commercial and residential spaces, seamlessly blending landscapes with surrounding architectural and natural elements. Adept at unifying the design of related elements, such as pools, patios, walkways, plantings and furnishings, they create cohesive spaces while also knowing when and how to make an unforgettable impact by setting off a specific feature or specimen.

Client’s vision for the project: Our client was looking for a complete modern brand makeover. Their customers standards are set extremely high and their company image did not stand with these expectations. With this in mind, we developed a clean and sophisticated concept. Our client knew the colors they wanted to incorporate as well as the elements. By mixing in our creativity with their standards we were able to start the branding process by creating stationery pieces that better represents the company.

Target audience: South Florida high-income homeowners.