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Decora Home Designs
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Decora Home Designs

About the company: After years in Real Estate and working closely with investors and clients, Foxy Construction saw the need for reliable, affordable, contractors. Foxy Construction is operated by a team of empowering women who serve and help investors, sellers, and new home owners make with their projects and dreams come true.

Client’s vision for the project: Our client wanted to focus on creating more of a feminine-style brand to raise awareness to woman in the construction industry. Who says construction companies have to be manly? The general goal of a new logo is to elevate the company as they evolve away from their old existing brand, into something with more relevance and authenticity. Ultimately the company wants to improve and strengthen their relationship with their customers/target audience.

Where will the logo be used? The main usage for the logo will be for digital branding including facebook, instagram, as well as their website for in the future. Printed material in which the logo will be used includes business cards, tshirts, and flyers.

Target audience: Home owners ranging from thirties to sixties with focus on females.