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Vista Luxe Magazine Logo
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ARA Digital Marketing Portfolio Vista Luxe Magazine logo design
ARA Digital Marketing Portfolio Vista Luxe Magazine logo design
ARA Digital Marketing Portfolio Vista Luxe Magazine logo design

Vista Luxe Magazine

About the company: Vista Luxe Magazine is luxury, high-end monthly magazine that get distributed to country clubs across the nation. Each issue provides a fresh arrangement of content that appeals to the most elite consumers. Distributed to some of the nation’s most luxurious country clubs, their expert staff tour the globe, profiling the most interesting people and the latest trends in fashion, travel, business, automobiles, yachts, art, home design, and fitness. Vista Luxe Magazine attracts a discerning audience with a shared appreciation and desire for quality, artisanship, heritage, fine design, and exclusivity. With its fingers on the pulse of the latest superlative products and experiences that today’s modern consumers seek, Vista Luxe Magazine is synonymous with American audiences for affluence, luxury, and the best of the best.

Client’s vision for the project: Our client’s standards are set extremely high. Nothing less than luxurious is suitable for what they envisioned. A very sleek, minimalistic and modern logo was created to bring our client’s vision to life. By using a simple yet elegant letter-based logo to represent their company, they were extremely satisfied with the final product right down to the colors and typeface. By giving them different versions of the same conceptual design, they were able to establish a brand that appealed to some of the nation’s most elite consumers.

Where will the logo be used? The usage for the logo is for full branding purposes. Our client wanted to logo to be featured on everything; from marketing materials such as business cards, social media posts, and advertisements, as well as for the physical magazine itself such as masthead and footers.

Target audience: Elite consumers ranging from late thirties to late fifties.