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cover image for optimizing a post-conversion landing page

Increasing Customer Value

The celebration time comes as soon as the customer completes the conversion goal and you make a sale or generate a lead. But your work should not end after this! A post-conversion landing page is the point where you can make more out of your marketing funnel. Right now, you just got a lead that is warm which means you got visitors who are ready to listen more from you. It’s time for you to induce further engagement. This is where the post conversion landing page comes into the play. This is not like a ‘thank-you only page’, this type of landing page should have something more to strengthen your relationship with your customers.

Make the most of this moment, when your new found friend is often more inclined to listen to you. Your confirmation or thank you page is a blank canvas full of opportunities to extend your conversion.

Tell Your New Customer What To Do Next

At this stage it’s all about exceeding expectations. You have a blank page to work with and a few precious seconds to direct your new lead. You should not leave the opportunity by just showing a ‘thank you’ or ‘see you again’ like pages. Take advantage of that magic moment directly after the customer says “Yes, I like you” and you’ll keep your new leads in your sphere of influence while they’re “in the mood”. To do this you need to try and keep their attention on the first thing they see after submitting your lead gen form. Turning a visitor into a lead is one thing, and turning them into a paying customer is a whole other ballgame. It requires constant attention and marketing effort to capitalize on your available opportunities.

Ask Them To Follow You Via Social Media

This can be used as a secondary call to action on your landing page. As long as it’s small and subtle. On your confirmation page, you can throw a great big icon out there to entice them into your social media world. It’s a fairly low risk action for a customer and can place their ears in front of your digital mouth for a long while to come. It also exposes them to the positive reactions you gather from others which adds some word of mouth reputation strength.

Give them a discount coupon (or code)

Giving people a discount when they’re not asking for it and don’t have to give you anything in return is a great sales strategy. Your new customer will get that great service buzz and momentum. Similarly, if a customer follows you or gives you a lead, giving them discount offers encourage your chances of conversion.

Offer a Free Whitepaper or eBook

You can use the post-conversion landing page to take advantage of content marketing by offering a Whitepaper or an exclusive eBook for free, whenever a customer buys something from you or give you a lead. The outcome of this works for your long-term marketing goals. For example, when a lead downloads something related to video marketing stuff, it means they are interested in video marketing, and you can segment them in this category. Later, you can use different segments to target different leads via email marketing strategies.

Benefits of Post-Conversion Engagement

  • The opportunity for more subtle follow-up marketing: sharing knowledge via social media, staying within the sphere of marketing influence.
  • The opportunity to exceed expectations: differentiate by being the best at every step.
  • The chance to offer info/advice etc. that would have crowded your landing page.
  • The chance to offer a guided experience: most people like direction. Offer a suggestion and even if only one of your leads takes the bait, it’s still better than none.

Experimenting and optimizing the post-conversion strategy not only helps you increase the conversion rate of your funnel but also creates a great customer experience for your brand.