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From Traditional to Digital

We are and will continue to journey through a sustained period of uncertainty. Luckily in the Marketing and Advertising industry, we have the unstoppable force that is human creativity. And times of forced restraints are times when creativity thrives. It gives businesses the perfect opportunity to reinvent their brand and do even better than before. You can use this time to rethink your business in a new creative and digital way.

The best businesses today are reinventing themselves in six-month intervals to adapt to the increasing pace of disruption. Let’s learn from them. Focus not on what has been lost but on creating your brand’s next signature moment. One that meets the world where it is, not where it’s been. It should feel connected and responsive. Let uncertainty help you better understand what your brand really means.

If customers know your name, but don’t remember what you do or for what you stand, it’s exactly the right time to embrace a Startup 2.0 approach that reconnects employees and customers to your company’s overarching mission.

Key Considerations:

  • Present with Empathy and Transparency
  • Creative Flexibility and Reinventing
  • Test New Ad Creative and Audiences

Benefits of Digital Advertising

One of the best features of paid digital marketing is the ability to target your exact target audience.  Traditional Marketing tends to be more expensive because it is blanketing a large audience. TV and radio ads cover anyone who tunes into the channel. Billboards cover anyone who drives down a specific road. Print generally gets mailed out to everyone who lives within a specific area. 

With audiences, Pay Per Click ad networks like Google ads, Facebook ads or LinkedIn Marketing hold the ability to target exactly who you are looking for. You can target a persona by location down to the mile, Job Title, industry, interest, buying patterns, life events, relationship, parental status and more.

With these fine tuned targets, it becomes easier to reinvent your brand in a more efficient way. You are no longer wasting money by purchasing an ad to cover a large area.  Your dollar is spent specifically on someone who is more likely to buy. 

Be Transparent: Present Your Brand With Empathy

People feel vulnerable right now. Empathy and transparency is critical. You do not want to be pushy and too salesy. Your brand voice is more delicate than ever. Brands that use this time to be commercially exploitative will not fare well.

For local businesses who are hurting more than ever before, we suggest that you think about how you can shift your business strategy to offer your products and/or services online to adjust to these unprecedented times. With Facebook and Instagram Live, you can connect with your audience in a more direct and genuine way. So grab your phone and start streaming to engage with your customers.

People who are self-isolating or practicing social distancing will be seeking opportunities to connect with more people face to face. While this isn’t in direct contact, it is a current solution offering the interaction and online experience your audience is craving.

Try answering questions in real-time, offer online check-ins, webinars, online demos, and more to keep your audiences up to date with the latest your business has to offer. Consider rewarding customers for their loyalty by making them an integral part of your 2.0 activities. Ask them what they value and what they think about your competitors. Make them a part of the solution.

Creative Flexibility to Reinvent and Reassess Your Brand

With more consumers at home, we’ll likely see more consumers browsing online to pass the time. This is the time when people will be looking for content to consume. Content should revolve around the value your product or service provides, and how it will benefit them when they’re ready to purchase and/or want to plan for the future.

The mood has changed and consumers’ appetite for certain messaging has faded. Reinventing your brand can help you be ahead of the game. While you don’t need to directly acknowledge the crisis in your ads, you should be sensitive to the current climate. And you need the flexibility to be able to change creative quickly to ensure your message stays appropriate.

If you’re able to, plan out your ads in advance. Be sure to also keep your audiences engaged with the latest news about your business. For small and local businesses, this is key. Highlight how you can help them during these times with business activities like:

  • Shopping online during a promotional sale.
  • Purchasing gift cards.
  • Writing positive reviews online.
  • Shopping online and/or via phone.
  • Ordering delivery/curbside pickup if available.
Focus on Remarketing Campaigns

Studies show that over 75% of shoppers will abandon your site without completing their purchase. With increased browsing, now is a good time to re-engage with previous website visitors and get them back to your site with an incentive like ‘free shipping,’ and special promos. In addition to website visitors, you can also drive new potential leads and sales by testing out your engagement audiences. This includes remarketing to those who have liked, commented on, shared, or interacted with your Facebook and Instagram business page, watched your videos, or viewed/filled out a lead form.

examples of brands that reinvent their sponsored facebook ads during pandemic

Test New Ad Creatives and Audiences

It is a perfect time to test new ad creative to see if your audience engages better with specific imagery and messaging. Maybe you want to develop a new color palette for your brand. Maybe it’s time to roll out a well-planned advertising campaign on social media. Now would be the time to reinvent that brand of yours. Leave the creativity to us!

If your business has slowed down or closed, now might be the time to test out a new creative on a variety of audiences to gather information that will make your future campaigns more effective.

For new ad creative, you’ll want to test against an already high-performing ad. This way you can compare the results directly to an ad that you know performs well for your specific business, saving you time when analyzing results. When testing new audiences, consider creating a new ad set rather than updating an existing one so that you can better understand the true impact.

Pro Tip: When reinventing your brand, you’ll only want to test out one element at a time for a more accurate analysis. For example, if you want to test new imagery, don’t make any changes to the headlines or copy. Give it a couple days and monitor performance. 

Here are a few things you can try testing:

  • Audience targeting, demographic, interest-based, or custom audiences.
  • Ad creative, like images vs. videos.
  • Ad copy, including headlines and CTAs.
  • Landing pages, including copy, design, and messaging.

How ARA Can Help

To quickly pivot creative messages as circumstances change, we work around the clock to build more rapid-response operating models internally. We have access to remote production and our creative capacity has become particularly important as the crisis evolves. As always, we connect with our clients in a more personable way. Your success is our success. With all the tools at hand, we offer a variety of creative services and customizable packages to help you navigate these tough times. Thinking it’s time to reinvent your brand? Send us an email so we can get to know you and your business better and schedule a free consultation to learn about the different ways we can help.

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  • Multi-media Advertising
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